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Thank you for your interest in the work of the Maya Leprosy Fund, set up in 2003 by Alasdair & Moira Murray for the purpose of raising funds to be used to improve the living standards of people affected by leprosy residing in Khokana Leprosarium, a colony of leprosy sufferers situated outside the city Kathmandu, Nepal.
As our aims and objectives in the Khokana area are now largely met, and the health needs of the residents are being catered for by a locally based charity run by a Nepali doctor, MLF will support the people of Khokana by continuing to run the Khokana Women's Group, a small income generation project which gives some women in Khokana an opportunity to work , earn some money and regain dignity and self worth. 
Starting in 2008 MLF has been seeking other ways to help leprosy affected people in other parts of Nepal where needs are even greater and more acute than Khokana and we are using our links with another locally based charity organisation, Nepal Leprosy Trust to identify those who require assistance.
In our newsletter we will inform our supporters about the people who have been brought to our attention and whom we have been able to help.
We invite you to explore the site and find out more about the work of the project, view photos, and read our latest Newsletter.
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Maya Leprosy Fund works to promote independence among Leprosy sufferers in Nepal and to provide physical help for the most severely disabled, allowing them to maintain their dignity at all times.



“God’s Love in Nepal”



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